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Going Brighter with Lighting Foundations

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Whether it’s a rural park, a suburban neighborhood, an interstate or a busy inner-city metropolitan area, every outdoor space that’s often frequented by lots of people likely has one thing in common: Lights. And usually lots of them.

Outdoors lighting, especially when it’s dark, is typically achieved by light poles: Pretty simple when you first think of them, but they get the job done like no other lighting available. They’re not only designed to brighten up scenic areas at night, they’re also strong enough to withstand the roughest of outdoor conditions – things like rain, snow, sleet, winds, etc.

Structural Anchor Supply offers innovative Chance® Civil Construction Instant Foundation® Systems – a different approach compared to your standard light pole installations.

The advantages of using such systems are numerous. Below we highlight just some of them by answering a few questions:

  1. What’s the advantage? With Chance® lighting foundations, concrete and other installation supplies aren’t required – making the installation process both quicker and easier. The ground is minimally impacted – meaning the area will retain its natural look to the highest extent.

  2. So exactly how does the installation process work if both digging and adding concrete aren’t necessary? The steel pole foundation itself is made up of a helix, allowing the installer to screw it into the ground. For the user to screw it, the helix-like steel foundation pole is connected to a Kelly bar – all maneuvered through a digger derrick construction vehicle.

  3. How do you ensure that it’s installed straight? A basic leveler is attached and monitored during the installation process as the helix is screwed into the ground.

  4. What about wiring? The foundation itself provides cable openings for wire installation.

How stable are they? Such post foundations are created with the highest strength steel available – meaning they resist weather conditions that would otherwise result in bending. The screwing via the helix also means that the dirt remains firmly placed around the foundation

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