Advantages to Using CHANCE® Foundations in Environmentally Sensitive Areas

Unlike other methods of installation, however, CHANCE® Foundations are considered instant – meaning they have a minimal impact on the ground. This is true because no soil excavation is required and any effect on surrounding vegetation is kept to the least degree possible. Below are just some of the other advantages:

  1. Much more than other surface areas, environmentally sensitive soils can be affected by changing seasons/weather conditions. Despite changes in topsoil, the fact that CHANCE® anchors are attached to more capable strata deep below the surface provides continued stability, no matter the time of year.

  2. Shaft extensions can easily be added when the installation crew needs to reach more geologically sound soil underneath the surface.

  3. Handheld portable equipment can be used to easily screw anchors clockwise into the ground, especially when heavy construction equipment is not permitted in sensitive areas (Check out portable anchor installers from Hubbell Power Systems).

  4. Modular components such as anchors can be easily carried to the site, especially if the area’s secluded.

By utilizing CHANCE® Foundations in outdoor areas, you can protect the environment, all while allowing people to enjoy the great outdoors securely. For more information regarding the installation of boardwalks using CHANCE® foundation products, contact Structural Anchor Supply today.

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