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Supporting Telecom Structures with Foundation Solutions from AB Chance

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

One aspect of the construction process for these lines that should never be overlooked is setting up proper structural foundations. In many cases, transmission lines must stretch thousands of miles across rugged terrains — something that can present a variety of challenges to installation crews. However, by utilizing guy anchors and power-installed foundations, the transmission line foundation construction process can go smoothly with an extremely effective result.

Foundations and anchors from Chance are specifically designed to work in a wide variety of terrains, including:

  1. Swamps and bogs

  2. Flood plains

  3. Steep inclines

  4. Glacial till

  5. Desert-like terrains with sand

Telecom and utility projects that can benefit from the use of Chance power-installed foundations and guy anchors can include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Self-supporting towers

  2. Guyed structures

  3. Substations

  4. Switching stations

Why these foundations are better than other methods

Power-installed foundations are a cost effective alternative to more traditional means of installation. They don’t require excavation or concrete, and they can easily be installed with equipment you already have. Also, guyed anchors that help stabilize guyed structures are capable of supporting up to 200 thousand pounds.

As the telecom/utility industry continues to grow, it’s important for crews to stabilize transmission lines with an efficient, proper installation method that can endure against a variety of conditions over an extended period of time.

For more information on how these products can help your crew, visit the AB Chance webpage on utility and telecom.

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